Sound Subscription Series Launched

Howdy folks, Spring has arrived in the Sonoran Desert once again, buoyed upon shifting waves of crazy Oz-woven wild flower quilts in techni-color cartoon brillance. To celebrate, I've posted three new downloads built with radio signals, a wheezing perfectly-out-of-tune pump organ from roughly 1900, birds, trains, wind, piano and found objects percussed and manipulated for your aural consideration HERE (The March O Ate Constructions). The lo-fidelity clips are culled from extended hi-fidelity tracks featured in this month's installment of the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Series. "Great blistering barnacles!" I hear some of you exclaim, spewing smoke and fire from your ears. "What in the name of this great tarnished nation is the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Subscription Series?" Well, I'm glad you asked.... For a single installment of just $50, subscribers to the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Series receive 10 audio discs over a twelve month period (roughly one a month, sometimes more) featuring hi-fidelity full-length constructions of the excerpts posted, plus material found nowhere else. That works out to $5 (or less) per disc. But perhaps best of all, these discs will not be offered anywhere else or ever again through the series, making them instantly collectable. But if collectible discs delivered almost monthly to your front door sounds too good to be true, then let me put on my best latex Ron Popeil mask to state: "But wait. There's MORE!" Sure, these discs may not slice, dice or Julian Salad very well, but subscribers will also enjoy occasional random bonus material goodies with each mailing such as additional discs, dvds, paperback books, a semi-regular newsletter (The SonicAnta Trans-Border Flyer), original images and other etcetera and ephemera. So what do you say? Ready to take the plunge and help support independent sound exploration while getting some of the finest sonic ear candy found nowhere else? You are? Well then you better hold on to your eyeballs because... yep you guessed it... THERE'S EVEN MORE! That's right, subscribe today and you will receive as a special thank you, the full, 56 minute March O Ate Construction as your first installment plus a very special mystery bonus disc. Okay so what are you waiting for? You get the discs, the schwag, and the simple joy of getting unexpected stuff in the mail each month. Not to mention that as the dollar continues to plummet your investment in SonicAnta can only grow over time. Subscribe to the SonicAnta D-Construction Series. Till again, stay tuned and listen deep. Glenn