T.E.F.A.S. Wants YOU!

Tired of baking in the summer heat? Then SonicAnta's got just the cooling relief your fevered mind is craving. Thanks to an unprecedented and historic joint collaboration between SonicAnta and The Two Sun Sin Phony Orgestra, for a limited time you are now invited to join The Tucson Electric Fan Appreciation Society (T.E.F.A.S.) Membership includes a T.E.F.A.S. Certificate of Membership suitable for framing, and a copy of Electric Fan Sound Works, a thirty minute odyssey into white noise and beyond. This recording was created by mic-ing and recording an oscillating Honeywell electric fan with a variety of microphones strategically placed to "play-up" the fan's assorted tones, drones and nuances. Those tracks were then processed and mixed into a single work which best represents an immersive electric fan event. It is the hope of The Tucson Electric Fan Appreciation Society (T.E.F.A.S.) that this recording will open the door to your own personal discoveries, observations and enjoyment of the fans swirling around you everyday. So what are you waiting for? JOIN T.E.F.A.S. TODAY! And as an added incentive, if you order today, an additional mystery disc will be included at no additional charge. So dim the lights, find a cool comfortable place, ideally between two speakers, breathe deep and enjoy the fan. (Note: This recording is also being issued as part of the SonicAnta D-Construction Series. Subscribers to the series receive the disc and automatic acceptance into the T.E.F.A.S. at no extra charge.)