The Good, The Bad, The Extracted

The Good Through random chance, natural design or some mix of the two, I've had the good fortune to learn about Jane Crowe of Knoxville, Tennessee and the work she is doing with the children of migrant and native farm workers there. With Jane's guidance the children have been taking photos of the world they know as part of a project called: Growing Tennessee: Rural Youth Cultivate Common Ground. It looks as if we'll have a chance to blend her images with an Anta Project sound installation at The Art Gallery of Knoxville this summer. More details on this as they emerge. The Bad As some of you know, there had been plans this May to stage a percussion event on either side of the US/Mexico wall in Nogales. Unfortunately, after much planning and effort, permits on the US side were not issued for the event so it has been cancelled. Apparently live music is a threat to national insecurity. But stay tuned folks, there's more in store. The Extracted The recordings for Extracted Earth are complete and the packaging is underway. The presentation for each four disc set will be one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered with no more than 20 being produced total. More details on this one soon too.