The Kestrel 920 Goes Global

Googling on a Sunday night came up with a few interesting mentions of the Kestrel 920 (see Hear and About for more details on this invention of unique design): ~~~~~ Seems the Kestrel 920 has earned the admiration of Ape Dirt drummer Gijs Bakker (note he says he plays drums and Kestrel 920): http://www.apedirt.nl/bio.php. Since the prototype has not left my death grip it ain't quite true (although I can be persuaded to build one-of-a-kind next generation custom models). I'm honored with the mention. Hopefully, an opportunity will arise to build these guys a Kestrel 920 of their own. ~~~~ From http://sonoriscausa.over-blog.com/article-953267.html a sweet ode to the 920 (I think). Translation anyone? CLIQUEZ ECOUTEZ, l'étrange Kestrel 920 Des timbres rauques, criards, acidulés, des accords désaccordés, des accidents d'écoute, des fonctionnements aléatoires, des structures modulables... La lutherie s'échappe... ~~~~ Another translation needed but I think I get this one: Articoli di una creatura degna del Dr. Frankenstein... il Kestrel 920. Want a Kestrel 920 built just for you? Drop me a line any time.