The Pecha Kucha Update

this jar does contain dope

What's going on as of late...

1. This Jar Does Contain Dope. An album of sound ideas and idea sounds based on a jar purchased at a garage sale which may have contained a stash of weed or the remains of a not so loved one. What the album does contain is a 20 minute+ live duet between a circling helicopter and a winter cricket plus much much more. Need I convince you further?

Link: http://sonicanta.bandcamp.com/album/this-jar-does-contain-dope

2. Balanced / Unbalanced March 27-29: Perhaps the most important event of 2015 in Arizona. Maritime Rites performed in the Sonoran Desert! Annea Lockwood visiting a land of dry rivers! And I'm honored to participate with some incredible people on presentations and workshops.


Balanced / Unbalanced: http://www.balance-unbalance2015.org/

Workshop - March 25-25 : http://www.balance-unbalance2015.org/?page_id=293

Anta Project - March 27 : http://sched.co/2Fke

Sonorous Desert City - March 29 : http://sched.co/2Fkz

3. There was this guy in Mexico picking limes in his backyard when he hears someone playing the border wall. A video of what happened next.

Link: https://vimeo.com/120745895

4. A thoughtful article about the Tucson soundscape.

Link: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/listening-to-tucson/Content?oid=4925099

5. Birds of Blue ~ Audio from a performance composed with Zuzi! dancers .

Link: https://soundcloud.com/glenn-weyant/birds-of-blue-zuzi-no-frills-382015

So there it is, mostly.

I hope to see you at Balanced/ Unbalanced if you can make it and either way, please stay in touch. I want to hear more about what YOU are doing!

Stay tuned,