The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric


the sonorous desert phantasmagoric


More than three years in the making, The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric, a cumulative cavalcade of deep magnetic field recordings and terminus borderland deconstructionist chimera, has finally been splayed in schematic upon twelve inglorious tracks and is available for a limited time only at the low-low-low introductory price of $2.99.


The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric is also available at other locations such as iTunes for nearly three times the price. 

Or you can eventually stream The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric via last.fm, rhapsody, deezer etc.

For every play, sonicanta is guaranteed to earn roughly .00006789.

To put it another way: Every 500 plays equals one beer.

Now who says being a sound sculptor ain't a lucrative gig?

If you live in Tucson and like what you hear but wish to save the $2.99, please note a limited cd-r run will be made available to listeners in a "found" only format at a variety of public locations such as bus stops, park benches and eating establishments throughout the year.

Also, sonicanta's crack marketing team is putting the final touches on a direct mail lottery system which will place a CD in the mailbox of 10 lucky Americans who have been chosen completely at random from the phone book.

So if you do not live in Tucson but elsewhere in the United States,  you may still luck out and get one that way. At last count the odds of being chosen were roughly 311,591,917 to 1.

Unfortunately for listeners outside the U.S., the paid route will be the only way to get your ears on The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric.

But do not lose hope of free sound.

Rumor has it disc distribution via unmanned helium balloon flights is being strongly considered if recently raised environmental concerns about sea turtles and other creatures eating crashed balloons can be satisfactorily addressed.

So there you have it.

The Sonorous Desert Phantasmagoric is out and about.

All you have to do is listen.

Stay tuned and in touch....