The Sonorous Desert Project Has Begun


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Hola from the land of sound and silence,

Today being World Listening Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to announce that the Sonorous Desert City Project: Suite I-III was fully funded thanks to a generous grant by the Tucson Pima Arts Council. 

An inaugural interactive sound map of Tucson, and more details about the project's timeline and goals are available at:


But in a nutshell... as many of you already know by now, Tucson is a sonically resonate city surrounded by the Sonoran Desert --- a sonorous desert ---- with a unique and often under-appreciated sound ecology.

Tucson’s overall tone or audible fingerprint is directly attributable to its unique blend of wildlife, architecture, culture, commerce and geographic location.

The Sonorous Desert City Project seeks to reacquaint Tucson (and newly acquaint the rest of the world) with our shared aural landscape through a series of listening performances and a limited edition recording.

The CD recordings will be available at no charge locally during the soundwalks, and for the cost of postage and an envelope mailed to anyone interested in hearing more.

In this age of rapid information distribution, virtual everything and earbuds, The Sonorous Desert City Project will promote taking time to simply unplug and listen to the world around us, to reconnect and explore our roles in this radiant soundscape, hearing the sacred in the mundane and the profound in the prosaic, all of which is not only healthy for our minds and spirits but also fosters a sense of place and connection.

Stay tuned and in touch,