The Sound Of Summer Fleeting

Summer's end advances upon Tucson in subtle shifts of fading light. Far off storms churn over distant seas pushing the desert, lush and green and overripe, towards the inevitable autumnal slumber. City street shadows linger in alleys and doorways, a refuge for slinking cats and wind-swept trash. A good time to drink red wine and watch midnight lightning flash on the Mexican horizon, illuminating towering clouds hidden, piled like sunken armadas beneath an inverted onyx sea. In celebration of this season of change, a triptych of new downloads for prepared guitar, blu-blu, prepared piano, amplified steel chair, Kestrel 920 and wine rack should be available in the coming weeks as soon as I find the right mix for the last track. A semi-regularly updated Power Point presentation about the making of The Anta Project has also been added to MEDIA.