The Velvet Red Bug Appears

Office Map The other night I found myself sitting on the front stoop 'round midnight, bathed in the orange halogen street lamp glow, awake in a sleepy oasis of urban desert homes. Monsoon storms raged, spreading north from Mexico. The clouds descended in an electric net of cloud-to-cloud lightning as a monstrous vacuum settled in. The wind abated. Tendrils of fog-like dust clouds swirled down the street, drifting in the orange light. Time seemed to stretch and elongate before snapping back again with a vengeance on wings of wind, thunder and rain. Cats scurry for shelter. Leaves fly. Asphalt steams. The Velvet Red Bug appears. Some new downloads inspired by that night's adventures will be available early next week under HEAR. Also... Be sure to visit www.bowed.org next week and download their semi-monthly Pod show. Clear Light from The Anta Project is slated to be featured in the line-up. Also Too... The list of countries and assorted entities visiting www.sonicanta.com below is being updated on a regular basis. In a time of death from above and other horrors, I can't help but wonder: What would a world without borders be like?