Thin Things And The Future

Spread thinner than Dick Chaney's smile this week, so this update is going to wind up as a preview of next week's update.... Next week watch for news regarding the status of two releases, the posting of the September construction (in October), details on the Nov. 9 ~ 4 p.m. ASU Museum of Anthropology presentation, a handful of new photos and more. Here's one bit of information, after posting the Bush letter, U.S. Govt. hits jumped higher than a New York City bed bug. Need to know more? Here's a list of the top thirty countries/entities ordered by number of visits. For the full list see the 9/18 entry which is updated weekly. The world is listening... Unresolved/Unknown US Commercial Network Netherlands US Educational Germany Brazil United Kingdom US Government Mexico Israel France South Africa Japan Finland Australia Poland Dominican Republic Italy Seychelles Russian Federation Moldova United Arab Emirates Austria Taiwan United States Argentina Indonesia Old style Arpanet (area) Brunei Darussalam