Three Years And Virtual Insecurity

It has been three years since The Anta Project was first released and already the notion of physical walls and fences on the border have begun to become quaint artifacts.

Sensors and motion detectors have begun to replace physical barriers.

The walls, fences and barriers of our future borders will be unseen, hidden, invisible and virtual.

To honor the dawn of this new age of global insecurity and to celebrate the third anniversary of The Anta Project's release, I give you:

~ Virtual Insecurity: A Borderland Deconstruction~

This immersive sound work is built from field recordings and assorted manipulations of Virtual Walls, Virtual Fences, Virtual Migrants, Virtual Border Patrol, Virtual Militias, Virtual Insects, Virtual Drug Smugglers, Virtual Cowboys, Virtual Indians, Virtual Homeland Security, Virtual Birds, Virtual Planes and Virtual Terrorists.

This recording was a year in the making and is culled from over 20 hours of sound files.

Of course playing some of the $ 6.7 billion virtual fence towers and their assorted support cables with a cello bow and mallets is illegal.

The areas surrounding them are clearly marked with signs warning against trespassing and playing them could certainly lead to all sorts of legal hassles if such were the case.

So caveat emptor :: This virtual work is what it is, nothing more or less.

And that’s the virtual truth.

Thank’s again for your support these past three years.

Stay tuned and listen well,

The World Is Your Instrument
Play It Now
While You Still Can...

A hi-fi version of Virtual Insecurity: A Borderland Deconstruction  is also available as part of the SonicAnta D-Construction Sound Series.