Time Does Flit, Oh Shit

It's been two weeks since an update and there's much to report but so little time. So maybe it'll all wind up in another email blast. But to keep things entertaining here's another list of search terms that bring people to www.sonicanta.com. My fav: hammered out kitchen sinks vancouver canada glenn weyant Homeland Security bus contact mic free crowd photos velvet bug Dick Chaney signature Red Bug SCHALLER OYSTER Vicente Fox arizona sound homeland security bus instrument board mittimus sample new wall for mexican border nogales AZ nogales mexico office crowd photo montage images of st jude shortwave radio vicente fox vicente fox signature wall on the mexican border mexican Nogales Arizona 2007 email guestbook of can crackers tin NOGALES ARIZONA SONORA BORDER Schaller Oyster contact microphone SonicAnta aluminum instrument resonation build a drone chicago everybody must get droned contact- everybody must get droned chicago freedownloads hammered out kitchen sinks vancouver canada hand on barbed wire how to say spew in mexican monsoon desert prepared guitar red bug roadside shrines vintage shrine roadside the shrine of our lady of gudalupe