Tucson Anta Pod People

Tucson public radio station KUAZ-89.1 FM aired a nice piece on The Anta Project and some of my found object instruments this week. No matter where my sounds may appear in the global ether, I always appreciate winding up on the airwaves of the place I call home. Scroll down to the Arizona Spotlightpodcast link for the full show. There is also a three minute downloadable mp3 improvisation for blu-blu., winged live in the studio on a $3,000 microphone (I didn't catch the sound guy's name but he also did a hell of a job capturing the soul of that curtain rod and tin can aural contraption). Also, if you get a chance, check out the sounds of interviewer Mark McLemore's bandgHosT cOw. I'm sure you'll find it worth the listen.