Tucson Weak-Knees?

Something is happening but you don't know what it is... Okay in response to all of you who asked/emailed wondering why The Anta Project is being covered by national media but has been overlooked by Tucson's mainstream alternative paper, The Tucson Weekly, well, here was the official response from TW Editor-In-Charge Jimmy "The Blog" Boegle: "As for the pitch … I ran it by James Reel – someone you know both ‘cause you’ve written for him and have been written about by him – and I read it several times. While it’s interesting, I have concerns about how this will play out as a text-based article. It’s always a tough thing to discuss music textually, and I really think that the music is going to be the most interesting thing here. Thus, I’ll pass. Best of luck pitching it!" Gee, I wonder what all those music reviewers do? But in more important news: Mittimus on myspace has bestowed a wonderful honor by including my name in a list of giants. Now this kind of thing is what it is really all about... Got to get a disc out to them. Stay tuned and listen deep. The Mittimus Influence List: High on Fire, AC/DC, Fela Kuti, Bon Scott, Jeff Scott Soto, John Coltrane, Dimebag, Frank Zappa, Matthew Shipp, Satan, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Ani Difranco, Mastodon, Primates everywhere, Dio, Sage Francis, Captain & Diet Coke, Jesus, Buddah, Melt Banana, grateful Dead, Goblin Cock, Living Colour, Cows, Shai Hulud, Fremen, Spike Jones, Judas Priest, Primus, Les Claypool, Norah Jones, ZZ Top, Cryptozoology, the BAND Shai Hulud, Freddie Hubbard, Buddy Guy, Melvins, Booze, Clutch, NWA, Gilmore Girls fan fiction, Black Flag, Whitesnake, Fishbone, Napalm Death, Isis, Kiss, Al Green, Kenny Rogers, Mike Keneally, Derek Trucks, the kind, Pelican, Coffee, Sleep, 76% Uncertain, Jewel's Poetry, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Deaver Wallace, Iced Earth, Star Trek, Thin Lizzy, Cyro Baptista, Van Halen, Puffies, Melange, Erin Gray, Glenn Weyant, Boysetsfire, Clutch, Joe McPhee, Paw, Strapping Young Lad, Alpacas, the Shocker, Demons & Wizards, King Crimson, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Steve Vai, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Black Sabbath, Kaki King, Leo Kottke, Spank, Charles Bukowski, Fantomas, Iron Maiden, Giant Squid, the Beatles, Vandenberg, Slayer, Star Wars, Rollins Band, Johnny Cash, William Shatner, Captain Whodat, Loudness, Converge, Napalm Death, Wayne Shorter, Motorhead, Mr. Speedo, Neil Young, Hugo Montenegro, Iron Maiden, Neurosis, Cirrosis, Halitosis.