Two Quick Things Moving Brightly

Two quick things... Thing One: I'm looking forward to sitting in with the kind folks of Padma Soundsystem ~www.padmasoundsystem.com ~ for some sonic exploration. It will be a chance to blend abstract sound sculpture (including wall and fence samples) with what they do. Everything will be live and improvised so if you enjoy performances without a net, this ones for you. Starts tomorrow, July 12, around 8 pm at Yoga Oasis, 2631 North Campbell Ave., Tucson, Arizona 85719 ~www.yogaoasis.com ~. If you're in Tucson be sure to stop by and say hello. Thing Two: The world is really listening to The Anta Project. I've been updating the list from a previous post but I thought it was worth adding again. The further it goes the closer we'll get. Stay tuned. Angola Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Burkina Faso Canada China Chile Cote D'Ivoire Finland France Germany India Israel Italy Japan Jordan Korea (South) Lithuania Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) Norway Old Style Arpanet Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Slovak Republic South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom United States US Government US Military