Universal Aliens

Long after the earth is consumed by the sun, obliterated by wayward space rocks, or falls prey to demolition in a munitions meltdown, Earthly radio waves will slog into infinity projecting the ghost reality of what a wonderful world this was. Earlier this month DaveX, host ofIt's Too Damn Early, a sonically adventurous weekly radio program on WDBX 91.1FM in Southern Illinois, launched the US/Mexico border via the Anta Project into the great beyond. It's was hard not to smile reading his blog entry. "I finally got a serious chunk of Glenn Weyant’s amazing “Anta Project” on the show. The Anta Project, which boils down masses of Weyant’s recording of his performances at (and ON) the US/Mexico border, will probably be the last straw for Homeland Security who are growing tired of ripping open all the weird packages you people send me. In my defense, please send more– it is my theory that if we keep them busy examining my mail, that they’ll leave Glenn alone to continue his incredible work. After you mail off your goodies, bop over to the SonicAnta site, and check out some of the recordings for yourself. Good stuff!" But this was the part that left me muttering: "Shit yeah!" "In less depressing news, I just picked up a new listener, whose computer headphones somehow began picking up my broadcast as he worked this morning. I just got a call from this fellow, who started receiving the accidental transmission sometime during Glenn Weyant’s “Anta Project” recordings, and was surprised to hear my voice tell him about the Sonoran Desert. Yeah, that might freak me out a little too! Anyhow, he wisely followed what the voices in his head told him, and called in to find our spot on the radio. What a terrific introduction to “It’s Too Damn Early!”