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Name That Wall And Win! Office Map Since we humans first pulled ourselves out of the thick primordial slime, we've been building high walls as testaments to the deep fear and loathing we have for one another. Now that same wonderful technology of arbitrary exclusion, giddily embraced by President Bush and members of Congress, is set to culminate in the construction of a massive triple wall on some 700 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border which is home to such endangered and threatened species as cactus pygmy owls, Sonoran pronghorn sheep, flat-tailed horned lizards, bighorn sheep, jaguars and gray wolves. In honor of this latest human debacle, SonicAnta is proud to announce the first in a series of monthly sound giveaways if you can: NAME THAT WALL! All you have to do is send an email to glennATsonicanta.com and correctly identify the wall shown in the picture above. It's that easy. The first three people to correctly do so will receive an autographed copy of The Anta Project for their listening and skeet shooting pleasure. So what are you waiting for? This contest will expire on Sept. 30. New pictures and prizes to be announced each month. Stay tuned and listen deep. Anta Anthropology Looks like I'll be doing a presentation of the Anta Project in early November at the ASU Museum of Anthropology. The presentation will be in conjunction with their annual Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Exhibit. More details in October once everything solidifies, but the presentation as of now is expected to include:
  • A discussion about how the recording was made;
  • Some ideas about transforming the symbolism of a wall meant to divide into an instrument with the power to unite;
  • A playing of the full recording (If you have not heard this recording on a PA you should!)
  • A slide show documenting how the wall and other found objects were "played."
  • A question and answer segment.
Copies of The Anta Project will also be available. I hope to see you there. Welcome To The Stumble Inn Lately SonicAnta has been visited by people whose search terms indicate they may not really be interested in sonic exploration. Up until last month I thought puffies were some kind of pirate shirt. Or maybe a breakfast cereal. You learn something new everyday... A few of the stranger searches that bring people here:
  • schaller oyster microphone
  • audio clip live long and prosper
  • puffies for skip
  • jimmy boegle
  • velvet bugs
  • npr les claypool
  • monstrous puffies
  • satellite dish acoustic experiment
  • kestrel symbolism
  • loud ant
  • we ant