We Are Everywhere

Finally set up a Facebook account this week and discovered two other Glenn Weyants' had already arrived.

One from Florida dressed in a tank-top, the other retired and relaxing shirtless on a lounge chair in Ohio.

Who knew there were so many Glenn Weyants', but more importantly how many can dance upon the head of a pin?

A Google search for other Glenn Weyants' turned up a former mayor involved in political intrigue, an anti-choice blogger outraged by uppity women, a bed and breakfast proprietor ready to serve the tired and hungry, and even a Glenn Weyant who is passionate about wearing men's pantyhose.

Are we all ghosts of paths not taken?

A lost tribe of escaped clones?

And what must we make of each other?

Don't know.

But one thing is for sure, if you're looking for sonic explorations, sound thoughts and miscellaneous ramblings then here's all you need to know:

SonicAnta.com: Sonicanta.com is still the mothership, offering an extensive library of sounds, images, details and other goods.  Watch for site improvements and extras over the coming months.

Facebook: May 7 UPDATE: Something strange went down. Glenn Weyant of Tucson was expunged by the Facebook Gods. Sad but true. One rumor has it the other Glenn Weyant's rose up in protest. Sigh. You can still find Glenn Weyant of Tucson but you'll need to search around.

Twitter:  Need more Sonic depth? Then SonicAnta Tweets are for you.  It's like opening up a big fuzzy cot somewhere between my Id and Ego and settling in.

Blog: THE PLACE for SonicAnta Subtext. If you ever wondered what the men's room drone at Trade Joe's #191 sounded like, then this blog is for you. Rambling sound, word and image adventures.

Video: SonicAnta has a dedicated YouTube Channel where everything is in motion.