What Is The Sound Of One Foot Clapping?

A Live Concert Review Where: Tucson, Arizona, USA Time: Noon Date: 5/21/08 I'm sitting out back sipping tea in the tree shade for this outdoor show and I've gotta say this is one outstanding performance. Temps are already over 90 and these north-eastern-southern-westerly winds are flowing through in bone shaking gusts. Every wind chime for miles around is clanging in a Mad Hatter spoon-against-the-tea-pot kind of way. But does that deter the mocking birds from their mission of predation and fornication and song? Not at all. In fact they seem to thrive on these winds that could make a musician contemplate taking a screw driver to his or her favorite instrument and mutating it in some desired fashion with hardware store wires and a handful of sound springs. A dust devil at least 300 feet high, or so it seems, swirls into form and lifts trash and dust and dried flowers high to the point of disappearing over neighbors walls and fences. With the natural world in motion the unnatural world abides. The main road traffic sounds transform into oceanic waves, crashing and rumbling. Occasional jet engines strain for control, a symphony of bowed exertions. Hard to say if this is even the first or second set anymore. Seems to be an ongoing affair. A forever concert. Somewhere a cricket in the oleanders applauds. A dog howl follows and the feral neighborhood rooster crows. I want to hold up my lighter but am afraid the whole place will go up in flames. Hopefully someone is taping this. What is the sound of one foot clapping?