Wind, Ravens and Lava

Time has sped up again in a swirl of passing images, sounds and sensations. Summer's heat is not far away and the desert knows it. Spring winds blow incessantly. Bird's mate, hatch from eggs and commit fratricide all in the name of progress, filling first light with a manic dawn chorus. The new growth from winter rain is drying out, dispersing next generation seeds for the monsoon waters to expand. And in this time I'm floating. The trip north to Flagstaff earlier this month for the RMCLAS conference cleansed the mind and lungs of dust and lethargy. It was wonderful to meet so many good people with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the transformation and exploration of borders and human dynamics. But there were volcanoes there too. Places where black lava lay in frozen waves near the remains of ancient homes built from mud and stone. To the north, in a solitary place along the rim of the vast crevasse that is the Grand Canyon, a perfect place to lay and listen with closed eyes was discovered. Cool breezes rising up from the depths and mingling with the pines led to a cathartic nap beneath the midday sun. Awakening reborn to the creaking flutters of passing ravens was just the soulful rejuvenation I needed. If all goes according to plan --- And what ever does? --- the coming months may bring some interesting announcements, collaborations and assorted doings. Should be fun. But till then, stay tuned and in touch. Anta Blog My name is Glenn Weyant. I am a self-Googler. Like masturbation or drinking alone, self-Google-ing and discussion of it's merits is often frowned upon in polite society. It'll make you blind. You'll grow horns and hairy palms. And so on. Yet we all do it from time-to-time. And those who claim they don't are often the ones who do it most of all. But I digress as usual. One upside to self-Google-ing is the discovery of new and wonderful sites. Here are a few blogs worth a repeated look. PROVISIONS From time-to-time The Anta Project receives a blog mention. It is always an honor to learn that someone has found value in The Anta Project. Especially from one such as Signal Fire. Signal Fire: A Blog For The Arts of Social Change is the blog of Provisions, a social change learning resource that amplifies compelling voices that challenge and redefine the mainstream. Defiantly favorites-worthy. BORDERLORE BorderLore is the blog of Maribel Alvarez, a University of Arizona professor and social scientist who is also the author of the always informative and occasionally irreverent BorderLore newsletter. I've been fortunate to meet with Maribel a couple of times and she is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about arts, activism and politics. (Are they really three separate categories?) Be sure to check out her recent entry about the latest comic book release of Migrantes! TUCSON QUERIDO Want to know more about things to do in Arizona from the perspective of someone who is doing them? Then Tucson Querido is worth a visit. As the author notes: "What makes this blog special? It's a great guide to Tucson because it provides "reviews" that have nothing to do with money, advertising or tourism councils. It's written and photographed mostly out of my love and fascination for these places." STARTLING MONIKER I've mentioned It's Too Damn Early, DaveX's weekly experimental radio program originating in Southern Illinois as must-hear. I should have also mentioned Startling Moniker as a must-read resource if you are interested in music, noise, sound and all the permutations. Where else are you going to hear and read about set lists that have the makings of a Bill Burroughs haiku? Eight Frozen Modules, Wondrous Horse. Lexaunculpt Squid, Arcane Fist. D-Construction Series: April Installment ~ The Sea of Cortex For those of you who have subscribed to the Sonicanta D-construction Series, April's installment (The Sea of Cortex) should be in the mail on the 28th. The Sea of Cortex is a selection of works drawn from two year's worth of sonic experiments. Heavily processed ambient tracks are layered beside raw, one-take journeys. Over thirty sound sources (AND NO SYNTHESIZERS!) contributed to these tracks including: The Blu-Blu, Kestrel 920, prepared guitar, piano, steel cans and drums, assorted wires, feedback, radio signals, horns, tapes, bells and a cast of lost and found objects. At this point selections will not be made available as downloads for logistics reasons. But not to fear, with the May installment the download sample tradition should resume in full. The Point Of Power A new Power Point PDF about The Anta Project from RMCLAS has been uploaded. The PDF version lacks the sounds etc. that the Power Point includes, however, it should hopefully give you some idea of the where this has been and where it is headed. 4/08 PPT UPDATE