World Wide Ziploc

Many years ago I would covertly leave home recorded cassettes in sealed plastic bags at coffee shops and bus stops for listeners to find. Included with each cassette was a self addressed, stamped postcard. In addition to randomly turning people on to my sonic exploration du jour, it was also a great way to solicit comments, feedback, accusations, exaltations, scorching criticism and occasional kind reviews. I also used the postmarks to judge how far and wide those cassettes would travel. Today www.sonicanta.com is my Ziploc, and distribution is provided via a global bus stop. Better living through new technology I suppose. Anyhow... thought this list of top hit generators for The Anta Project was worth sharing. Play the world... Australia Canada China Chile Cote D'Ivoire Finland Germany Israel Japan Jordan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) Old Style Arpanet Poland Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom United States US Government US Military