Other Sound Works

Droneland Security

 droneland security

Droneland Security is the companion work for The Anta Project.

Released in 2009, Droneland Security is a work for field recordings and assorted manipulations of Virtual Walls, Virtual Fences, Virtual Migrants, Virtual Border Patrol, Virtual Militias, Virtual Insects, Virtual Drug Smugglers, Virtual Cowboys, Virtual Indians, Virtual Homeland Security,Virtual Birds, Virtual Planes and Virtual Terrorists.

This recording was more than a year in the making and is culled from over 100 hours of sound files.

While the $ 6.7 billion virtual fence towers were eventually scrapped after it was discovered they did not work as promised, many consider the sounds made by their assorted support cables outstanding in both tone both resonance.

Rillito River Sounding


Rillito River Sounding is a project dedicated to building sonic works from the infrastructure, debris and evolving sound ecology of this now dry river located in Tucson, Arizona.

Most of the debris, deposited during periods of extensive flooding, was amplified, bowed, percussed and manipulated in various fashions.


Nogales Wall 4'33"

With this release of John Cage's classic 4'33" as arranged by Glenn Weyant for Nogales Arizona/Sonora Border Wall and International Landscape, the transformation of the wall from a symbol of fear and loathing into an instrument continues.

Cage in his notes on 4'33 stated the work need not be beholden to either a time frame or an instrument. Hence 4'33 in the audio version runs well past 4'33" (See below for download info).

It should be said that this performance began long before it started and continues as we speak.

Creaks, pops and groans are caused as the Nogales Wall is heated by the morning sun and audible to the ear without any amplification or alteration. Video is also available.

Listeners are encouraged to travel to the Nogales Wall to hear it for themselves in real time.

Look for other works in the months and years ahead.

The Two Sun Sin Phony

saguaro bloom

The Two Sun Sin Phony (also known as Sonoran Sound Works) is a project four-years in the making (so far) which aspires to play and record The City of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Some recordings released from this series include: The Antenna Project; University of Arizona Sounding; The Rillito River Project; Tucson Train Whistle Elegy; World Listening Day; Tucson Mountain Chaos.

Unreal City Sounding

 transfix unreal city

Unreal City Sounding is audio recorded in 2010 by Glenn Weyant and mixed for the performance of Unreal City : Remixes of the Arizona Landscape.

Unreal City Sounding is an immersive work first performed by Rachel Bowditch and Logan Phillips with visuals by Adam Cooper-Teran in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 1, 2011.

The composition was built entirely from ambient and environmental sounds, both natural and manipulated, with the exception of Unreal City : Opus 1 which includes a viola excerpt performed during the sounding.

During the actual performance of Unreal City : Remixes of the Arizona Landscape, Unreal City Sounding will be remixed live by Logan Phillips.

The soundings acoustic resources include, but are not limited to: ants, birds, wind, structures, wires, mine shaft, and gun shots.

The works are presented here in both a "raw" and "compositional" state via collage and manipulation and are meant for creation, not just for consumption, although that is fine as well.