Prepping Finger Salad: 12/01/01: LIVE: Mat Bevel Institute: Tucson

Prepping Finger Salad

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Prepping Finger Salad
Prepping Finger Salad


According to a press release from the PFS archive:

Brought together by an insatiable desire for clamor, Tucson-based and now de-funked Prepping Finger Salad was dedicated to the pursuit of chaos through improvised sonic sculptures.

Utilizing assorted instruments of deconstruction, a Prepping Finger Salad performance would organically unfold into moments of delicately woven gossamer and raging cacophony.

Every performance was unique.

To hear them live was to understand.

2001 Prepping Finger Salad Personnel:

Paul — (drum and bass): Paul grew up licking toads and telephone poles in a small lean-to he made out of twigs and barbed wire atop a nuclear waste dump. He didn't have any friends so he spent his time making garbage forts and playing alone on the high-voltage jungle gym. One of his favorite toads said he looked like a rock star, so here he is.

Glenn — (alto saxophone, clarinet): Unclassically trained since birth, Glenn’s single goal when performing is to have no goal. In addition to the Holy Trinity of John Coltrane, Pharoah Saunders, and Ornette Coleman, he also draws inspiration from the random tones of washing machines, guardrails, and air conditioning ducts.

Emily — (saxophone and violin): Emily is the survivor of a triple lobotomy and three quintuple parallel strawberry flavored vasectomy reversals. She has never moved an inch in her life, having been carried from place to place on a small pillow. Her compositions are transcribed telepathically through an 8mm megalecithal marmalade projector.

David — (flute, guitar, percussion): His latest test models involve a harmless yet criminal association with the divine: trash: raw-red-mice contingency of self-made hair pin technology frequencies, and resolute acts of senselessness in silence utilizing the silver flute.

A full 60 minute disc with additional tracks is available by contacting me directly.