The Antenna Project

The Antenna Project (The Swan Antennas)

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Glenn Weyant


The Sonoran Desert is populated by antennas of all sorts radiating sound heard and unheard.

This is the first in a series of antenna sound portraits which will explore their Aeolian properties.

For this work the antenna and support cables located off Swan Road in Tucson, Arizona were mic'ed using contact microphones fixed with c-clamps and recorded.

The antenna featured in this work was anchored to the desert floor with roughly twelve 100+ foot cables, each producing unique percussive and bowed tones when interacting with the wind in an Aeolian manner.

The sound on this recording is best experienced with a sub-woofer or headphones that support deep tones.

A limited run cd-r of this work is available as part of the 2009 D-Construction Sound Series.

swan antenna