Amaranth Arthouse Music

Further sound reading and assorted things.

William Houston's site with sounds, info and overtly/perversley political stuff soon.
Signal Fire: A Blog For The Arts of Social Change
The blog of Provisions, a social change learning resource that amplifies compelling voices that challenge and redefine the mainstream.
Flam Chen
The Tucson home of North America's Premier Fire Theater Troupe.
Brain Waves
Sound Traveling With Tucson Buddha.
Nathan Youngblood
Vast Landscapes, Macro Views, Deep Hours, Wandering Mind, Daily-Din
Matt Weston
Percussion and electronics. Nuss' said.
Eric Glick Rieman
Prepared Rhodes!
Sound Thinking
The official web site of Eric Leonardson,.
It's Too Damn Early
A bastion of sonic adventure subverting the heartland.
A project of The Southwest Center documenting and interpreting the culture and folklife of the US-Mexico borderlands.
Tucson Querido
A great guide to Tucson because it provides reviews that have nothing to do with money, advertising or tourism councils. It's written and photographed mostly out of the blogger's "love and fascination for these places."
Chamber Music PLUS: Southwest
Innovative and contemporary programming melding multiple art forms north of the border.
Signal to Noise
THE source for experimental and improvised music news and information.
jgrzinich : phase space
Inspiring sonic ideas elaborately woven and deeply ingrained.
Antral Net
Subtly beautiful images in transition.
Chris Schlarb: Twlight and Ghost Stories
One of my favorite discs in 007.
Doing some wonderful work.
Monk Mink Punk Pink
A must read Web zine.
Southbound Sarah
The journal of one migrant headed south.
The Tunnel Singer
Hauntingly simple and deeply beautiful music.
Wanamaker Music and Electronics
If you are looking for an excellent deal on gear with knowledgeable service, check out Wanamaker.
The Art Gallery Of Knoxville
Expression space.
Subtopia: A Field Guide To Military Urbanism
A wonderful blog chronicling life during war time. The way you see the world is about to change.
Smiley and The Lovedawg
Best thing you'll hear off or on Exit 65.
Friday Morning Everywhere
A transoceanic avant-free-folk work by Phil Hargreaves and myself.
Yonke Arte Publico
The art of Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano. Watch for future collaborations between Yonke and SonicAnta...
Pauline Oliveros
The Web site of Pauline Oliveros ~~ Composer-performer and founder of Deep Listening. The journey begins here.
Squid Variations
Two tracks of extended improvisation by Sekel, Yarrish and Weyant
Deep Listening
At times I'll conclude a note/letter with "listen deep." This site is for those who would like to learn more...
The site of Mike Yarrish and Matt Sekel
Barry Chabala
Maximum minimalist chaos guitar. Be sure to visit.
Phil Hargreaves
Liverpool-based sounds that have to be heard.
Center for Dyslexistential Studies
Read deep and submerge.
Padma Soundsystem
A collective of musicians and integrative medicine practitioners who believe sound offers simple immediate relief from afflictive emotions and the stress of daily struggles.
Bowed Radio
All things bowed. Worth a listen. Clear Light/SonicAnta is featured in Episode 13. Ahhh, lucky 13....
SonicAnta On All Things Considered
A nice sound clip with interview.
Oddmusic Musical Instrument Gallery
More info on The Kestrel 920 with sound clip and photos.
An Experiment In Blind Chaos Group Theory Free DADA Coincidence Volume One
To initialize this project, the musicians submitted recordings containing a solo performance. With a minimum of manipulation, the submissions were then compiled and combined to create two tracks via a multitracking process. The first track heard on this disc is a chaos driven recording, whereby the solo performances are heard "as is" except for an adjustment of sound levels and dead-space. The second track is a conscious manipulation of the performances via the multitracking process, emphasizing blind coincidence and moments of unintentional communication then positioned against each other.
freejazz.org sampler
Freejazz.org is a discussion Website. In 2004 it was suggested that a few notes might be worth several thousand words. The freejazz.org sampler is the result, featuring sounds from the various denizens of this online free jazz world.