World Listening Day 2015 : FIVE H2O IMPRESSIONS

First Impression : Watering Grass In The Monsoon Rain

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Glenn Weyant
Glenn Weyant


Saturday --- July 18, 2015 --- is World Listening Day.

This year the focus is on water.

When I first heard of this year's aquatic theme, I entertained the possibilities of recording idealized natural sounds such as rivers and rain and oceans. 

It's an easy trap for a field recordist to fall into: Traveling the world like some 17th Century European explorer seeking exotic sounds to capture, preserve, and document with all the acoustic myths and sonic stereotypes of noble savage soundscapes and audio colonization fully intact.

But then I remembered I live in a desert. 

A place where water is not only scarce, but increasingly imported and often squandered.

And not just by the usual suspects of miners and golf courses and farmers and industrialists, but by people like myself who move to this place and build personal Edens.

Turning the microphone inward with honesty resulted in some difficult listening. 

Not everything I heard jibbed with my idea of self and my place in the fabric of desert water consumption.

But hear it is anyway, in all it's glory, for whatever it is worth.

Happy World Listening Day.

Think globally. Listen locally.


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