Disco Day Of The Dead : 2009 Construction

20:39 Download
Glenn Weyant


On November 7 I was honored to set up a sound/vision installation again at the Annual Disco Day Of The Dead.

The gig is an invite only party, in a semi-secret location high in the Tucson Mountains somewhere along the line between National Park and so-called civilization.

The hosts and guests are generous and wonderful, and the space itself is designed for deep listening.

Outside I setup The Electric Ferris Box and created roughly five hours worth of soundscapes. On the wall of the home, visible for miles, we projected silent black and white films and video work by Adam Cooper-Teran.

But equally important, the installation was also influenced by the environmental sounds of crickets, planes, voices, and the party inside. 

Playing in the night, beneath the stars, Tucson spreading like a phosphorous neon fungus across the landscape was mentally expansive. Not to mention the absurd moon which rose bloated and partially complete, lumbering up from behind the Catalina blackness only to melt back into the stars.

As I said it's a fun gig.

I hope you enjoy this construction...