Tucson Dawn Chorus : 4/14/2010

60:19 Download
Glenn Weyant


Spring is NOW in Tucson's Urban Sonoran Desert: flowers are wilting, cacti are blooming, bees buzz about with pollen saddle bags, eggs are hatching and being eaten, lizards are scurrying, heat is building.

On this track some of the main solos are by mocking birds, finches, sparrows, pigeons, doves, quail, woodpeckers (banging on wod and metal), flickers, curve billed thrashers, and a cardinal.

Sitting in for this session are a neighbor's air conditioning drones (seems kind of early for air conditioning to me), trains, early morning commuters, wind, leaves.

There is about an hour of sound so turn it up, let it stream and wherever you are will become, sonically at least, Tucson Arizona in the early hours of 4/19/2010.