zugunruhe synanthrope


zugunruhe synanthrope is not for everyone.
Maybe not even you.
However, if you are afflicted with eclectic sonorous sensibilities and have an interest in the geometric fracturing of the vibrational spaces which lie between intersecting tonalities of space and sound, then perhaps zugunruhe synanthrope is for you.
Five tracks on 68ish minutes of slow-crafted, professionally-baked, highly-mastered, limited edition hand-numbered 50 disc run, recorded over six months in the field and in the studio.
Tubes, steel, wires and transistors = real deal. No virtual bullshit.
When you buy the disc you and get immediate access to a full digital download of the CD.
After that the disc will be lovingly shipped your way shortly with great care and gratitude for your listening pleasure.

zugunruhe synanthropezugunruhe synanthrope