Jaguar Stereo, Glacial Erratics, Glenn Weyant, Euphony

Histamine Tapes, 1248 US Rt 2, East Montpelier, VT

  Vermont Discover a Strange Noise in you Backyard (Festival?)Jaguar Stereo: If you've been to one of my shows together you may have heard the Poetry and Bass Clarinet work of Toussaint St. Negritude ( and or the Bass playing of Gahlord Dewald ( But now you get to see they together! ( Erratics: The free improv/noise jazz house band of Steven Lichti, Michael Braun Hamilton, and Nick DenticoGlenn Weyant: Famed for using US border wall with Mexico as a medium for music while living in Arizona, he now calls East Montpelier home. Come welcome him to Vermont! ( Euphonium, loops, a drum machine, who could ask for more! Sarah Braun Hamilton brings this and more to our humble home.


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