<p>Passage is a segment extracted from the full 60 minute ambient work titled: The Anta Project. To purchase the complete work with superior sound quality<a href="http://sonicanta.bandcamp.com/album/the-anta-project" target="_blank"> click here.</a></p>


<p>Passage is another Book of the Dead influenced title that connected with immigration (The original title was: The Path Of Good Wishes For Saving From The Dangerous Narrow Passageway Of The Bardo). Built from recordings of bowed barbed wire fences, wind interactions with a roadside shrine filled with saints and candles, percussive explorations upon the wall and a cracked water jug found leaking water in the desert sands. In the Book of the Dead there are lengthy sections about what to avoid and signs to watch for during the journey. My goal was to create a work which mirrored the feelings&nbsp;of moving through a strangely beautiful and hostile land into the unknown.</p>


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