From the recording Border Sculpture Sounding


<p>This work built by Taller Yonke (two artists with whom I had <a href="">collaborated</a> <a href="">to</a> <a href="">affix</a> <a href="">actual instruments</a> to the real border wall in Nogales: Mexico ~ Work Pending) is meant to resemble the border wall in Nogales with giant figures supporting it.</p>
<p>Ironically The Taller Yonke version seems to be better built than the actual wall, so I took to playing the giant figures with soft mallets, developing a &ldquo;heart-beat&rdquo; rhythm on the warm sounding steel.</p>
<p>More: <a href=""></a></p>
<p><img src="" alt="border" width="450" height="338" /></p>


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