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Adamant Community Center, Martin Road, Adamant

From dusk-till-dawn at the historic Adamant Community Center in Adamant, Vermont on June 3/4 there will be an open sounding in the deep drone long form psychedelic durational noise free metal tradition. There is no charge for this event and participation is open to all. If you do plan to participate in the performative part, a merch section will be set up for your goods. Participate, absorb, engage for however much or however little you wish. Doors will open at 10 am on June 3. The music will begin at 6 pm on June 3 and end at 6 am on June 4.Breakfast will be served around dawn. The wetlands and forests that surround the Community Center are full of natural music this time of year. Birds, amphibians, mammals, wind, water, plants, stars will provide a transitive chorus throughout the day and night. Before, after, and during the drone segment there are wonderful places for soundwalks, hiking, swimming all in the immediate vicinity or a short distance away. That evening there will be an almost full moon illuminating the landscape. There will also be a Black Fly Festival and parade during the day in Adamant on June 3. This will be a unique opportunity to engage with a beautiful space and long-form performance. Bring food to share to share. Bring instruments. Bring open ears. Hope you can make it. Stay tuned, Glenn Please feel free to connect with questions, thoughts, suggestions or just to say hello – would love to hear from you :: IN A NUTSHELL • On the morning of June 3 : • 10 am Doors open at Adamant Community Center -- set-up/ unloading/ arriving begins • 6 pm The drone emerges – all are welcome to join or leave at any point they wish • On the morning of June 4 : • 6 am The drone is complete • Breakfast


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