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Glenn Weyant

Museum of Everyday Life, 3482 DRY POND RD. , Glover, Vermont

At the opening day celebration there will be live music and performances from itinerant musicians Adam Cook and Tomas Majcherski, local farmer-performers Maria Schumann and Ira Karp, dancer/vaudevillian Maura Gahan, and so much more, including a special premier performance of a new piece for lawn-mower and vocalists by composer Glen Weyant. Manifestos, snacks and beverages will be served.

Jaguar Stereo, Glacial Erratics, Glenn Weyant, Euphony

Histamine Tapes, 1248 US Rt 2, East Montpelier, VT

  Vermont Discover a Strange Noise in you Backyard (Festival?)Jaguar Stereo: If you've been to one of my shows together you may have heard the Poetry and Bass Clarinet work of Toussaint St. Negritude ( and or the Bass playing of Gahlord Dewald ( But now you get to see they together! ( Erratics: The free improv/noise jazz house band of Steven Lichti, Michael Braun Hamilton, and Nick DenticoGlenn Weyant: Famed for using US border wall with Mexico as a medium for music while living in Arizona, he now calls East Montpelier home. Come welcome him to Vermont! ( Euphonium, loops, a drum machine, who could ask for more! Sarah Braun Hamilton brings this and more to our humble home.

Border Soundwalk with Glenn Weyant

MOCA Tucson, 265 S. Church Ave, Tucson, AZ

Border Soundwalk with Glenn WeyantNovember 4, 2017 Event link: Join University of Arizona Technology of Sound Professor Glenn Weyant for an experiential tour and hands-on workshop of deep desert listening along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Travel through open landscapes of grasslands, mountains, and expansive horizons through Southern Arizona in a day of deep desert listening and field recording in this rare opportunity to explore hidden gems and sonically unique borderland locations in the Arizona desert. 8am – meet at MOCA Tucson for introductions, overview of the day, and a light breakfast First Stop – Sasabe, AZ for a sensorial experience that includes a soundwalk, field recording, birding, and photography; walk from where the border wall ends and the open Arizona desert begins! Second Stop – Arivaca, AZ to walk the trails and boardwalks of the Buenos Aires National Monument Arivaca Cienega Trail. Midday Break for Lunch Third Stop – Nogales, AZ for an urban sound walk and field recording along the border wall. Final Stop – MOCA Tucson for an evening where participants will share their images, experiences, and recordings in the museum’s Great Hall for the public. Registration fee includes: Transportation, light breakfast, and snacks/water. Sound equipment, while not necessary for the experience, is recommended. Glenn Weyant personally recommends for anyone who would like to use their cell phones as a microphone. Sample phone mic link: $75 for MOCA members, $100 for non-members.    

$75 for MOCA members / $100 for non-members

Tear Down This Wall!

Mexico-side of Friendship Park / US Border Wall, Mexico-side of Friendship Park, Tijuana

Border Wall amplification and playing workshop from 10 - 11 a.m. Much much more until 4:30 p.m. or so. Come play the Wall. C U there.

Tucson Noise Symposium

Think Tank, NE Corner of 6th and 23rd, Tucson, Arizona

  Tucson Noise Symposium WITH: Bob Ostertag Eric Schlappi Lana Del Rabies Jim Colby Glenn Weyant Space of Hearts (Samantha Bounkeua & Jimmy Carr) Seth Kasselman Gwen Reed Grant Beyschau



Museo delle Mura Aureliane, Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 18, Roma

An audio installation of Escape Goat/Ghost:

"The idea of the border belongs in a constructive manner to the art field and its territories. Art is always the temptation, the proposal, the attempt of a trespassing." --- Achille Bonito Oliva The Curatorial Collective composed by the students of the sixth edition of the Luiss University Master of Art - First Level University Master, under the guidance of Achille Bonito Oliva (Scientific Responsible of the Master), presents the exhibition SUBLIMINA. The exhibition, organized and supported by the Capitale, Councillorship to the cultural growth unwind from the 15th of December to the 10th of January in the charming spaces of Porta San Sebastiano. The project aims to give visual form to a reflection on the concept of a border in a historical moment in which the question of the insurmountability and redefinition of old and new geopolitical borders is manifested in all its criticality. The Museo delle Mura in Porta San Sebastiano, one of the largest and best preserved areas of the Aurelian Walls built in the III century A.D., the border of the city of Rome, osmotic barrier of exchange and defense, becomes the ideal place to host SUBLIMINA. The randomness of the boundaries, signs marked by man to create a demarcation between the self and the other, are being investigated by the curatorial collective through the works of fifteen artists active on both the national and international panorama. The current theme of boundary is addressed not only in its geopolitical component, but also in it's anthropological and philosophical component. The works, making use of multiple languages, give visual form to this idea of border: reconstructing it, narrating it or simply invoking it. A fluid path through the spaces of the ancient walls between video and sound installations, pictures, paintings and sculptures of: Liu Bolin, Silvia Camporesi, Loris Cecchini, Luca di Luzio, Kaarina Kaikkonen, H.H. LIM, Eva Marisaldi, Marzia Migliora, Fiamma Montezemolo, Ariel Orozco, Alessandro Piangiamore, Pietro Ruffo, The Cool Couple, Glenn Weyant and Marco Maria Zanin. The exhibition also includes works by: Calori and Maillard - Giulio Delvè - Luana Perilli, the three finalists of the first edition of the Contemporary Generation International Prize.   INFO SUBLIMINA Curatorial Collective Stefania Calandriello T. 329 9526002 Agata Gazzillo T. 328 4647093 Viola Giannerini T. 345 2862479 Museo delle Mura Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 18 - Rome Free entry – from Tuesday to Sunday, timings: 9.00 am to 2.00 pm (entry granted until 1.30 pm). Info 060608 (everyday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm) Instagram @sublimina



POG Presents: Lisa Robertson and Glenn Weyant

Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center, 101 W 6th St, Tucson, Az

Lisa Robertson's books of poetry include XEclogue (1993); Debbie: An Epic (1997), nominated for a Governor General’s Award; The Weather (2001), which Robertson wrote during her Judith E. Wilson fellowship at Cambridge University;The Men (2006); and R’s Boat (2010). Her architectural essays are collected in Occasional Works and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture (revised ed. 2010), and she has published a work of prose essays, Nilling (2012). Robertson has been the subject of a special issue of Chicago Review and was the Holloway poet-in-residence at the University of California-Berkeley in 2006. In 2005 she was awarded the PIP Gertrude Stein Awards for Innovative Poetry in English. Robertson has taught at the University of California-San Diego, Capilano College, Dartington College of Art, the California College of Art, and the University of Cambridge. She holds no degrees and has no academic affiliation, and supports herself through free-lance writing on art, architecture, astrology, interior design, and food. She currently lives in France.


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